Welcome to Love Natural Health

Welcome to Love Natural Health, an alternative health practice established and run by Renee Love, Traditional Naturopath.  On this website, you can learn more about our consultation services, read about healthy living in our blog, schedule an appointment for a consultation, or explore some of our favorite resources for naturopathy information.

In addition to a Doctorate of Natropathy, I am also a certified Yoga Instructor

Background and Experience

Renee is a naturopathic health practitioner with over 10 years of practical and educational experience as a consulting nutritionist.  From her parent’s garden as a child to her ongoing obsession with organic food products, natural healthy living is her passion.  In 2003, she started a private practice that allows her to apply and share her knowledge on natural healthy living. 

She started studying the science of natural health at the age of 18 when she read “Fit For Life” by Harvey Diamond.  That was the beginning of her desire to find the source of true health and well-being.  A few years later, she received a Bachelors of Holistic Medicine from Clayton College of Natural Health and shortly thereafter a Doctors of Naturopathy from the same educational institute.

To supplement her education on healthy eating habits and dietary supplementation, she trained for and received her Certified Yoga Instructor certification.  This allows her to combine physical fitness advice and lifestyle changes into her consulting practices.  She also continues to teach Yoga classes every week in parallel to her Naturopathy consultation practice.

Renee also has experience in medical research at the Los Angeles Biomedical Center where she leads research studies on a variety of pulmonary conditions.  In addition to a wealth of knowledge on common respiratory issues, this taught Renee how to really understand the needs of her clients so she can provide solutions that are tailored to her clients’ needs.

In summary, Renees’ degrees in Naturopathy, her experience as a nutritionist and her Yoga practice allow her to focus on helping the body heal itself through dietary changes, nutritional supplementation and lifestyle changes.   

Areas of Special Interest

The world we live in (especially here in Southern California) is extremely toxic, whether from food, water, plastics, heavy metals or the air we breathe.   These toxins can cause a variety of problems and disorders, so we focus our attention on those that can be successfully prevented and treated through naturopathy. 

  • Respiratory Diseases
  • Heart Disease
  • Gallbladder/Liver Disorders
  • Food and Environmental Detoxing
  • Cholesterol Issues
  • Gastrointestinal Disorders
  • Thyroid and Adrenal Regulation
  • Weight Management
  • Chronic Inflammation
  • Toxin Elimination Cleansing

Our Services

Our professional activity is exclusively devoted to consulting our clients on food/nutrition sciences, functional medicine, diseases related to nutrient deficiencies and the use of nutrient manipulation to prevent disease.  

Our relationship with our clients always begins with a conversation about their lifestyles and goals.  If there is a specific symptom that needs attention, then Renee uses applied kinesiology to help figure out the cause of the symptoms.  This research is the primary factor for determining the optimal course of action to help you meet your goals.  As they say, “one man’s bread is another man’s poison,” so depending on your needs we will create a customized protocol to prevent disease or to enhance treatment of a disease, or to actually treat disorders that will respond to nutritional therapy.  The comprehensive nutritional advice will:

  • Emphasize the power of food to enhance your life and contribute to good health, stress reduction and fun. 
  • Help you understand the power of foods and the toxicity of foods.
  • Provide education on natural products and nutrition.
  • Motivate our clients toward achieving your goals.
  • Track your progress using advanced tools and techniques.

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